Guild Charter & Policies - WoW edition

Guild Charter and Policies – WoW edition

Mission Statement

The mission of Distinct Advantage is to provide a casual raiding guild with a friendly atmosphere, while maintaining progressing through end game content. We raid to progress while having fun with one another. Our guild is based on
friendship and commitment to be a drama free and tight-knit guild.

Guild Information

We are a casual raiding guild that strives to promote a positive and friendly atmosphere, while maintaining progression through end game content. We run 10 man content on Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:00-11:00 and have informal 10 mans scheduled at various times throughout the week. Our current progress is noted on the left hand side frame.

 We are committed to friendship and a commitment to be a drama free and tight-knit guild. From time to time there may be adult humor, but we do not tolerate overly offensive behavior. Sexist, racist, or any other maliciously offensive jokes or comments will not be tolerated. As adults we are to use our best discretion, but ask to
handle issues promptly and maturely.

If you are interested in becoming a part of Distinct Advantage, please apply on our website. Our application can be found on the left hand side above our needed classes. An officer will review your application and get back with you as soon as possible.  Our officers are Iona (GM), Thordaal, and Ereetwo.


Distinct Advantage Recruiting and Membership                              

  • Joining the guildOur recruitment needs can be found on the left hand side of the home webpage.  Anyone who is interested in joining the guild must fill out an application. Once we have received your information, an officer will be able to review your application. The next step will be an interview on vent with one or more of our officers. If your application is accepted, an officer will be able to send you an invite to the guild. After joining, please create a Guild Portal account. Once you are granted membership, you will be granted access to member features on the website. If you have any questions, please contact an officer for information.
  • Policy on altsAlts are accepted into the guild regardless of level. When wanting to add an alt to the guild, please ask an officer on your main first.  Once we are informed, then you may hop over on your alt.  Please make sure that an officer promotes your alt to the alt rank and that your main’s name shows up in your guild notes. Please keep in mind that only officers can invite you into the guild, so if there aren’t any officers available, you must be patient and ask later.
  • Leaving the guild If you decide to leave the guild, please leave in a respectful and mature manner. We understand that not everyone will be a good fit for the guild, and that people have real life issues come up. Please be polite and considerate when you leave, and be sure to let us know why you are leaving. If at any time you decide you want to come back after you have left, you are expected to go through the full application process again.  Also, if you decide to leave the guild, all your characters will be removed (including alts).
  • Rejoining the guild – All players are required to re-apply if they want to rejoin the guild. Please keep in mind that to be given membership again, your new application must be accepted, just as the first. If your new application is declined, you will not be given membership even if you were previously a member in the guild.


Code of Conduct 

  • Drama free please, with a cherry on top! - No constant negative attitude in guild chat, tells, or anywhere else. We understand that there are frustrations with the game and tensions rise in given situations. Commiserating is one thing, but please do not spam negativity because it will bring everyone down and take away from the atmosphere of the guild. If you have any disagreements or complaints, please handle it maturely with the person(s) involved privately. If the situation is not able to be resolved, follow the chain of command and talk to the Officers first. Please keep in mind that the GM has final say in decisions.
  • Our image - We are very proud to be in Distinct Advantage and hope that every member feels the same. When you are in game, or participating in the forums, you are representing the guild, so please be on your best behavior. Please do not do anything that could lessen our image. Once a member of the guild looks bad, people will assume that the guild behaves like that. Not only will it hurt your reputation, but also the reputation of the guild and everyone in it.
  • ResponsibilityMembers are responsible for their own materials and gold. Please refrain from begging or harassing other guild members for items, money, or power leveling. It is acceptable to ask others for assistance as long as it is done politely and in a respectful manner. We also ask that you read boss strategies before raiding so that you can not only be well-informed, but come to the raid knowing what to do. Raid strategies can be found on our website
    or by various other sites out on the internet.
  • RespectThis guild was built on friendship and strives to promote a family atmosphere. Be respectful towards fellow guild members and treat each other like family. This also includes being respectful to the leadership of the guild. If you have any issues with someone with a leadership position, please do not take it up with other guild members. Instead, immediately bring your concerns to the leader in question or another guild officer. Whenever a problem arises, it is important to deal with it quickly and move on.   Unresolved issues create nothing but unnecessary drama and tension within the guild.
  • ActivityDistinct Advantage is a casual raiding guild and as such, does not require mandatory attendance to raid or be online. However, if for any reason you will not be able to log for an extended period of time (15+ days), please let us know. We ask this because we consider this guild a family, and when you are gone for a while we will worry about you. After 15 days you are moved to inactive status until you return, but are not removed from the guild. If we have not seen or heard from you for 1 month, you will be removed from the guild. This is only because we like to keep our guild clean, which means removing players that have been inactive for an extended period of time. Please let us know if you plan to return, and your membership in the guild will not be revoked.
  • Website – Although we do not require attendance, we do require being active in our website. Being active means signing up for raids, participating in important threads, class discussion, etc. The reason why we are asking this are for two reasons. First, the website is where we keep all information pertaining to the guild and also the place to find important news and announcements. Secondly, we need people to be signing up for raids. This is very important to
    the raid progression of the guild. If we’re having to wait till start time to fill empty slots for raids, that means less time for raiding, which means less time for progression. Even if you’re not 100% sure, you can still sign up, and just add a note to your name. Website activity will be a possible factor in determining guild membership and promotions. It also affects raiding in that if you do not sign up, you do not get priority in raiding and may not get to raid at all. Signing up is a consideration to the officers and raid leaders because it helps us do our job in putting together an effective raid group and making sure we have what we need.
  • Trading accounts/Switching Mains – We ask that if you are trading accounts to please tell us beforehand. You can either post something in the forums or talk with an officer. Trading accounts without informing us may result in removal from the guild. So please make sure to let us know. Also, if you switching mains, please inform an officer. This is very important, especially for raiding since mains are given loot priority over alts.


Distinct Advantage Guild Ranks                                                           

  • Guild Master - The GM is responsible for all guild policies and has the final word on disputes, member infractions, and officer discussed topics. The GM gets to make the decisions regarding guild progress, well-being, and direction of the
  • Officers - The officers are in charge of discipline, morale of the guild, and keeping on top of their responsibilities. The officers are the guild’s Raid Leaders, so officers are required to be familiar with all boss fights and the related strategies. They are also required to be an example, settle disputes fairly and firmly, and be aware of any issues within the guild.
  • Core Raiders - These members are the top raiders in Distinct Advantage. These members are dependable, responsible, prepared, and are always on time to raid. They raid on a regular basis and are very active in the guild and on the guild’s website.  They also commit their time and energy towards Guild Progression Nights and know every aspect of their class. They continually put their best game forward in all raids and know how to maximize their performance. These members also provide feedback to the Officers about strategies, players, addons, etc.
  • Raiders - These members are held to the same expectation of the Core Raiders. They come to most raid nights and are willing to put forward their best effort when needed. They are expected to know their class well and know how to maximize their performance. When a mistake is made, their best explanation is "IM A RAIDER". :D
  • Members - These are the players who are in the guild are interested in other aspects of the game.  Members may be casual in choosing when to raid. They may step in from time to time to help fill spots for raids, and when they do, make every minute count. A member is promoted to a Raider when he/she meets the qualifications.
  • Recruits - Recruits are new members to Distinct Advantage that may have up to a 2 week trial period. When you are a recruit, enjoy getting to know the guild. Remember that the more effort you put into the guild, the more people will get to know you.
  • Alts- Enough said.
  • Friends - Friends are those brought into the guild because they are family or RL friends of guildies. Friends may also
    be members who have retired from raiding or just need a place to call home. Those at friend status are also not raid eligible. However, when a player at friend status has worked on their gear and wants to be approved to be raid eligible, he or she may contact an officer for a gear review.  If they are approved, he/she will be promoted to recruit and will work up from there.


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